hired and non owned auto insurance

Insurance for Business Autos

Insurance for Business Autos

Having auto insurance is required by law in virtually every situation where someone owns or operates a vehicle. While the costs of being required to have it may seem like a chore for some, the benefits of being protected under it are invaluable. This is because the cost of getting in an accident or repairing unforeseen damages to a vehicle can be much more overwhelming to deal with than smaller payments made throughout the year. While most people are familiar with getting personal auto insurance, there are other clients who must get additional coverage through a hired and non-owned auto insurance policy.

Who Needs It

Anybody who uses their vehicle to simply get from point A to B for non-commercial purposes can typically rely on standard auto insurance for their coverage needs. However, there are some situations where specialized insurance for autos used partly or exclusively for business will be necessary. Some of these include the following:

Transportation of goods or people

Using a vehicle to run company errands

Hauling materials for commercial purposes

Your coverage will likely vary depending on your specific situation, so it can be useful to consult with an insurance representative that specializes in hired and non-owned auto insurance to guide you through the contract terms. Doing this can help ensure that your plan meets your business’s specific needs.