insurance agent marketing ideas

Ideas for Marketing Insurance

Marketing comes in all shapes, sizes and levels of success. Many successful marketing strategies can be implemented as part of your daily routine. Consider employing these insurance agent marketing ideas to kickstart your selling efforts.

Update Your Data

Bad data leads to many bad outcomes including wasted time and money, increased bounced email rates, spam reports and a higher percentage of recipients unsubscribing to your emails. Rather than raising red flags with your email provider, update your mailing list regularly. Make sure your messages are getting to the people who are most likely to act on them.

Use Social Media Wisely

Many shoppers turn to social media and consumer review sites for referrals and other information about potential service providers. Make sure you respond to any comments made about your company, including the negative ones. To some viewers the complaint isn’t as important as the response. It is also important to keep Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social media accounts up-to-date and seeded with relevant information.

Take Advantage of Contact Opportunities

Opportunities to connect with clients or prospects can come in many forms. Make sure you’re ready to make a quick and meaningful connection whether in person, by phone, using online chat or through social media posts. Implementing these insurance agent marketing ideas has exciting potential to deliver steady and natural growth for your agency.