commercial vehicle breakdown insurance

How To Safely Handle a Truck Breakdown

There are many reasons for your truck to break down on the road. Pre-trip inspections and regular maintenance can lessen the chance of a breakdown, but unforeseen circumstances still happen. Following safety procedures and commercial vehicle breakdown insurance can help your rig get back on the road sooner.

Move to the Side

Any vehicle whether commercial or personal should move to the side of the road at the first sign of trouble. Getting off the road allows traffic to continue moving and gives you the opportunity to inspect the vehicle safely.

Place Visibility Equipment

Experienced drivers should have visibility equipment in their rig. Place safety triangles around the rig to be better seen in the daylight. Reflective equipment is ideal during the evening hours, overnight and low visibility weather conditions.

Call for Help

If you are an employee, know who to call within the company. If you are the owner, now is the time to contact your insurance agent or roadside assistance company. Many insurance companies offer roadside assistance to help in the event of a truck breakdown.

Commercial vehicle breakdown insurance is there when you need it most. Safety procedures enable you to handle a breakdown without causing further problems. Breakdowns happen, but remaining calm and alert while following safety procedures can keep you safe until help arrives.