Insurance Marketing

How To Find Great Staffing Insurance Programs

Comprehensive insurance programs built to the needs of one industry are growing because they provide savings and simplify the annual insurance review process. It is no wonder companies in every industry and niche are looking for their best options for a single insurance provider, and staffing insurance programs built around labor providing companies need to reflect both that unique role and the industries the staffing company serves. So, how do you find your company’s ideal coverage plan?

Seek Out Experienced Insurance Company Staff

Long-established programs have a culture of training and knowledge that is passed on to new staff as they work, so finding an insurer who has the legacy of providing staffing company coverage and staff that has been with them or in the industry for years should be a top priority. Beyond that, it is worth asking about what training resources or risk management advice they can offer you to help reduce the likelihood you will file claims in the first place. Experienced insurance professionals save you money throughout your relationship with their company, not just when you buy a policy.

Shop for Programs Built Around Your Needs

Finding a program for your company is about more than just finding one that suits your industry and your role as a labor provider. It also needs to be built around the type of labor you provide. If your staff is mostly temporary, either as needed or on term contracts, you have different risks than an agency specializing in permanent placements. Your insurer’s coverage options should reflect that.