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How Important Is Semi Truck Roadside Assistance?

Risk management is about a lot more than just your insurance coverage. It’s about making sure your drivers are taken care of, your equipment is protected, and your clients get what they need when they contract with your company. Semi truck roadside assistance packages are an essential part of that risk management plan whether you buy them on their own or get them as a part of your commercial vehicle coverage.

What Is Covered?

Like with personal roadside assistance packages, the coverage options are wide and you get what you pay for. Robust, complete roadside assistance packages that go beyond towing do tend to hit a few common provisions, though.

  • Commercial towing for semi trucks
  • Battery charging and replacement service
  • Limited maintenance and repair at the roadside
  • Assistance with driver lodgings and/or rental cabs
  • Simplified contact processes to get help to your drivers fast

It is not hard to see how the right roadside service could get your drivers on the road and your cargo to its destination even in the face of some fairly serious setbacks.

Find a Program for Your Fleet

Trucking companies seldom have just one driver and truck to cover. Make sure that your search for semi truck roadside assistance focuses on the service providers who are ready to handle your entire fleet and prepared to offer you economies of scale to match your size.