Auto Shops

How Auto Shops Can Protect Their Workers from Injury

Accident prevention has to be a high priority for auto shop managers. Employees may take on a number of potential hazards in any given workday, so it’s important to adopt safety initiatives that are aimed at reducing the risk of injury.

Ensure That Staff Uses Personal Protective When Necessary

Some tasks in an auto shop may require the use of personal protective equipment such as gloves or goggles. Requiring staff to wear PPE when they perform certain tasks is an essential part of reducing auto shop injury. Incorporate policies about PPE into written training materials and put up signage reminding staff that PPE is required to be worn.

Provide Equipment to Reduce On-the-Job Injuries

Working with heavy equipment and parts can put people at risk for injuries such as disc herniation’s or torn muscles. Keeping heavy equipment on raised dollies or carts will spare workers from having to pick them up off of the ground.

Appoint Staff to Monitor Safety

Assign supervisory responsibility for safety to senior staff members. They can provide coaching and counseling to other employees when they observe them doing something unsafe.

Careful training about safety, providing key equipment, and promoting supervision of important safety protocols can significantly reduce the risk of accidents. Taking steps to make your auto shop safer will help your workers stay healthy and productive.