Small Business Owners

How a Business Owners Policy Can Benefit Small Business Owners

Large companies are not the only businesses that need a business owner’s policy. A small business BOP can focus on a particular industry niche. By bundling insurance policies, small businesses can receive a variety of benefits.

Insurance Coverage

As seen on, the BOP can include a variety of policies for comprehensive coverage. A general liability insurance policy is something most small businesses benefit from having. In addition, companies may need a commercial umbrella, business income, property liability, commercial auto and money and securities.

Specific Concerns

A BOP typically requires the company to conduct its business in one place. The size and type of business may impact coverage options. However, for those who qualify, a BOP offers business owners a comprehensive coverage package to cover their liabilities.

Coverage Benefits

Common benefits small businesses can receive with a BOP include bodily injury and property damage for third parties on the business premises. An included property policy focuses on the building itself and any damages incurred such as broken windows. Items held in temporary care for the owner may be covered by the policy even if not on the business premises.

A small business BOP offers specific benefits for owners seeking a comprehensive insurance solution. Evaluating your business’ specific risks can help you find the best BOP for your small business.