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Hired Auto Insurance: Does Your Company Need It?

Hired Auto Insurance: Does Your Company Need It?

When it comes to running a business, there is a lot that you have to keep track of. If your employees ever need to use their own personal cars for business use, then you need to understand the risks involved. Your employees may be good drivers but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t invest in non owned auto insurance.

What Is Hired Auto Insurance?

Hired Auto insurance protects your business if one of your workers drives a car for business purposes, where the car is not owned by the company. In these cases, if the driver gets into an accident, then your business is liable for damages.

Do You Need Hired Auto Insurance?

Many business owners do not realize that they are liable if something happens to a personal car on a business run, Here are some reasons that you should consider this type of auto insurance:

Reimbursement for legal costs

Protection for your employees

Coverage beyond basic policies

Ability to respond to claims

To have Hired Auto insurance protects your business is crucial. Unfortunately, these policies do not cover everything. In this case, having extra coverage helps. If your employees ever make business runs with their personal cars, then you need non owned auto insurance. This will protect your company in the case of any accidents while on the road.