home insurance in ct

Helpful Tips on Getting Home Insurance Quotes


Everyone has to deal with the cost of living, making life more difficult to manage every year. Some look for ways to make extra money while others strive to save money. Homeowners have the comfort of owning their own house, but this requires paying a monthly mortgage, property taxes, and sometimes even costly repairs. One way to save to on home insurance in ct, often overlooked, is by reducing your homeowner’s insurance premiums.


This may require a little extra work on the part of the homeowner, but obtaining a few home insurance quotes can help start the process. By making a few minor adjustments in and around your house you hopefully can save some money that can be used for other things you might need.


Raising the deductible on your home


Raising the current deductible on your policy is perhaps the easiest way to save money long term. For example, if you can afford to double your current deductible you may save as much as 25% on your annual premium. Homeowners insurance is best left to fixing major problems when they arise, and you’re better off paying out-of-pocket for smaller claims, since the benefits of a lower deductible won’t be realized due to an increase in rates resulting from filing too many frivolous claims. Simply fix minor issues on your own and reap the benefits.


Look into multiple policy discounts


Purchasing coverage for your home as well as your car from the same carrier will often save you up to 15% on both premiums. In addition, adding safety features (deadbolt locks, window locks, and alarm systems) can result in more discounts. Insurance companies like to reward homeowners who take the initiative to protect their investment as best they can.


Other ways to save


Your home’s electrical, heating, and plumbing systems may need replacement depending on age, and older homes often contain the original plumbing that is often outdated. If making improvements to an older home, make sure to update your homeowner’s insurance policy to reflect this. In addition, any appliances, electronics, or other possessions that have depreciated over time should also be reflected in your coverage. When the time comes to compare quotes for home insurance in CT, with the right information on hand, you’ll save money and be all the more happy that you went the extra mile.