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Hartford Insurance in Connecticut Can Insure Some Off-the-Wall Items

Everyone is familiar with the basic types of insurance. Life, auto and home are fairly standard, but there are plenty of other items you can get insured. If you have some valuable items in your possession, see if you can get Hartford insurance in Connecticut for it.

Classic Cars

Are you a collector of vintage, collectible cars? If you are, then you absolutely need to get them insured. You never know when something is going to happen when you take one of them out for a spin. Something could even happen while it is parked in your garage. Standard auto insurance generally will not cover more valuable vehicles, so ask your agent if they cover vintage automobiles.

Art and Jewelry

Valuable artwork and jewelry should also be insured. Even in your home, natural disasters or vandalism can occur, and you want to be protected. As part of the process, the insurance company should provide you with a certified appraiser that can ascertain the true value of the item. In addition to having coverage in case something happens, you will also be provided with valuable advice on how to properly store your art so that it remains unaffected by the elements.

The general rule to go by is that if it is valuable, then it can be insured. See what Hartford insurance in Connecticut you can get for your belongings.