Restaurant insurance in California

Getting the Right Insurance Coverage for Your Restaurant

California is know for its entertainment and technological industries along with its diverse population. This community makes it a great place for a variety of restaurants. Whether opening a sushi, vegan, steakhouse, Chinese or Mexican restaurant, you will want to cover your location with the right insurance. Restaurant insurance in California can come in a variety of package types.
Most insurance companies can cover the standard general liability insurance. This covers you for any damages caused to clients or employees on your property. For restaurants in particular, this liability may also protect you against lawsuits involving food poisoning.

The Essential Policies To Keep Your Restaurant Covered

Liquor liability is also another vital piece of coverage. This policy includes the damages caused by customers who have consumed your restaurants liquor. This can include motor accidents, fights or property damage upon leaving your location.

Commercial auto coverage is also important in protecting your investment. This coverage can cover the damages caused to or by your restaurants vehicle while out on work related assignments.
Still, there are a few more insurance polices that you can rely on. These include:

  • Employee Practices Liability
  • Assault and Battery
  • Crime
  • Property Coverage
  • Employee Dishonesty

Whether you have a large chain or are just starting out, California is the land of opportunity for restaurant owners. Search for a reliable company that provides restaurant insurance in California to protect your location against future accidents.