assisted living insurance

Getting Clients Coverage to Address Liability Issues

When an unfortunate incident occurs at an assisted living facility, it’s likely that the residential care facility could face legal complications due to allegations of wrongdoing. In recent years, the number of lawsuits against nursing homes, assisted living facilities and other residential care operations has seen a slight increase. This may be due to an increasingly litigious mentality among our citizenry, or simply due to the growing demand of these types of facilities due to an aging population.

The fact is that allegations of mistreatment and misconduct are likely to surface at some point or another for many of these facilities, often as a result of poorly trained or poorly screened health workers and employees. Your clients who operate residential living facilities must have assisted living insurance to address these concerns.

Facilities strive to hire caring individuals

While it’s true that most care providers do everything in their power to maintain a safe, dignified and healthy environment for residents and staff members, there may exist certain circumstances, many of which are unforeseeable. How facilities manage these allegations is where issues may develop, and can then lead to lawsuits.

It’s important for administrators and their staff to try and recognize many of the most common scenarios and the types of exposures often leading to claims against care facilities. By doing so, it could very well help to reduce the likelihood of becoming involved in a similar lawsuit down the road and help operations run more smoothly, and efficiently, with the goal being to better support their staff as well as the residents.

Mistreatment, perhaps the most severe and common claim against such facilities, can come in a variety of forms, from assault and/or neglect, to many forms of harassment, and criminal acts, including theft. Residential abuse can happen at any facility at any time. Once these types of accusations become the topic of a nightly news report, the business could suffer severe reputational damage. This is something an assisted living facility can ill afford, and this includes not having assisted living insurance designed to address these risks when they become a legal matter.