Finding the Right Employee Benefits

Your group health insurance, dental, vision, and other benefits aren’t just perks you give employees. They’re also part of your risk management plan for your business, because healthy employees are more productive, they have better attendance, and improved health leads to other benefits like sharper focus and quicker mental responses to problems. So how do you find the right employee benefits at the right price for your business?

Shop With Local Insurance Agencies

Like your other insurance packages, employee group health and other benefits are available through independent agents who make it their job to know your business. They take your needs, including coverage options and number of employees, and build a profile that they use to solicit quotes from top carriers in your area, so you can pick the package that best suits your people.

  • Group health options
  • Disability insurance to protect employees
  • Group dental

If you’re shopping for other forms of business insurance, it’s a good idea to ask about the additional coverage options available when you get quotes for employee benefits. Not only does it create a single point of contact for review and renewal, it might lead to savings overall if you buy multiple coverage options through one carrier. You never know how it will work out for your company until you see a quote with everything your agent can get you in one place.