Mariners Insurance

Finding the Right Coverage for Boating Businesses

Waterfront businesses have unique needs, especially if they are in areas that have to contend with seasonal storms every year. Even so, there’s a big difference between a sailing club or marina and a restaurant that just happens to have a view of the ocean, and the same insurance providers won’t necessarily work for both companies. That’s because businesses that store or care for other people’s boats have duties to those members and clients, in addition to the regular liability risks and other insurance needs common to businesses on the waterfront. If you’re shopping for the right coverage for your club, you have a lot more in common with private marinas than you do with local entertainment spots, although you might need a blend of the two forms of coverage if your club hosts events.

Work With Experts in Insuring Marine Businesses

Mariners Insurance makes a point of not only providing for marine business and sailing club insurance, but they also work hard to make sure their clients have resources to continue their professional development productively. There are a lot of players out there, and it doesn’t help your club if you aren’t getting the guidance you need, whether it’s for industry-specific coverage, general liability, or a solution that gives you all in one coverage so you can stop shopping for policies.