specialty insurance for VNAs

Finding Specialty Insurance for VNAs

Members of visiting nurses associations (VNAs) find themselves in unique positions with regard to professional liability. While most nurses are covered under insurance policies carried by their workplace, visiting nurses and other home care staff are often listed as independent contractors or as operating off-site, which complicates most general liability coverage for health care. That is why specialty insurance for VNAs has got to be a priority for any worker in this specialized niche.

Protection Beyond Liability

Since nurses who provide in-home care are in a unique position and so are their VNAs, specialty insurance for your organization needs to be unique as well. It needs to go beyond simple liability protection, and to cover items like:

  • Workers’ compensation
  • Coverage for regulatory audits
  • Directors’ & Officers’ liability
  • Coverage for hired vehicles and those not owned by the association

Those are just the basic features a VNA needs to add to basic liability to have complete coverage. For options that fit your particular visiting nurses’ association, it will be important to get a full quote from a provider who knows the industry.

Putting It All Together

Looking at specialty insurance-only companies, particularly those that are heavily involved with healthcare already, is the place to start. That way, you know your specialty insurance for VNAs is coming from a provider who truly understands your organizational needs.