Find The Right Insurance Coverage For Your Business

Having the right insurance protection can be the difference between business success and failure. This is especially true for manufacturing businesses where there are a high number of moving parts and variables that can lead to adverse outcomes. As you start your search for manufacturers insurance in Orlando, here four must-have coverages to keep your business assets protected.

1. Workers Compensation

Even if it’s not mandated by your state, you should carry workers compensation insurance given the many opportunities for injury or even death in a manufacturing plant.

2. General Liability

The most basic of insurance coverages, general liability protects your business in cases when an employee causes damage to your property or injures a non-employee during work-related activities.

3. Commercial Property

If your equipment or property (including electronic data) is damaged or lost, commercial property insurance will reimburse the associated costs.

4. Commercial Auto

If your employees operate a company vehicle as part of their job responsibilities, then you must carry commercial auto insurance to cover any potential property damage or injuries.

When searching for manufacturers insurance in Orlando, be sure to perform a thorough analysis of your business to determine your needs prior to starting a policy. Not having the right coverage can be just as detrimental as not having any coverage.