Filing a Worker’s Comp Claim

Workers’ compensation insurance protects employees by covering medical costs associated with workplace injuries or illnesses. It can also replace lost wages if someone must be out of work because of a covered injury. Knowing what is covered and when and how to file a claim beforehand can make the workers comp process go more smoothly.

First Steps

The first step when someone is injured at work is to ensure the scene is safe and then provide medical care. In some cases, immediate care can make a big difference in the outcome. Then, carefully and thoroughly document what happened. 

Covered Claims

In order to ensure your claims go through smoothly, you should verify the cause of any injury. Make sure to note any extenuating circumstances or pre-existing conditions that may have contributed to it. They won’t necessarily disqualify the claim, but certain things may affect eligibility. If you believe the injury should be covered, start the claims process. 

Following Thorugh

Once a claim is filed, you will need to follow up with your insurance provider. Be prepared to provide any requested paperwork and documentation and encourage the employee to do the same. This will help eliminate delays and keep things moving.

Worker’s compensation insurance protects employees who are hurt at work. You can me the process go more smoothly by providing care after an accident, documenting what happened, and filing a claim if it is a covered injury.