Vendor management services (VMS)

Evaluating Vendor Activities and Improving Information Flow

vendor management services

Over time, as businesses begin to grow and find they need to bring on more people to manage their organizational needs, many turn to companies that can provide them with a non-employee workforce. This will also require them to find a comprehensive solution in order to manage the different categories of their extended workforce, which includes vendors, temporary staff, any professional contractors they may hire, as well as service workers, consultants, project-based workers, independent contractors, and freelance employees.

Vendor management services (VMS) are services designed to help you to reduce costs, improve vendor performance and can also help identify and manage risk. These services include negotiating with vendors, completing the Master Agreement contract, and identifying opportunities to cut costs and enhance vendor terms, along with the sourcing of vendors.

Choosing the right VMS for you

It’s important that you identify vendors that are more appropriate for your type of business. Sometimes there are suppliers that will provide better terms and price levels. VMS consultancies often have this marketable knowledge. They can also do an evaluation of current vendors with respect to their performance, quality and pricing structures.

Most importantly, they can monitor and evaluate vendor activities, including quality and contractual and Service Level Agreement (SLA) compliance, so that your vendors comply with agreed delivery times, invoicing procedures and pricing levels. Vendor performance will be enhanced by regular reviews and any improvements made in your processes.

You’ll garner the best results by having improved information flow between the purchaser and the vendor. This will not only allow for increased management information to both companies, it will also allow the purchasing company to cut inventory costs with optimal purchasing.

Vendor management services are prevalent in the staffing industry, especially in areas where a company employs many temporary staff workers. Many VMS consultancies will provide for more efficient purchasing that will increase profit levels and provide substantial customer supplies. Keep in mind that by identifying areas in which to save money, while fine-tuning the procurement process, you will reduce the total cost of procurement.