“What is workers compensation insurance?”

Educating Employees About Workers Compensation

Workers comp is almost always a legal requirement for companies with more than one employee. However, you may be surprised to learn how few of your employees can answer the question: What is workers compensation insurance? Educating your workforce is an important tool for boosting company morale and preventing fraud.

Morale Boost

In a line of dangerous work, employees may be scared of what will happen if they are injured. Educating them lets them know that the company has their back. Some techniques for this include:

  • Providing a special introduction to workers comp for new employees.
  • Regularly checking employees to make sure they know who to make injury reports to.
  • Providing insurance information, minus legal jargon, in pamphlets.
  • Diffusing employee vs employer mindsets in the workplace.

Employees who know how they will be taken care of are more productive and happier about their jobs.

Fraud Prevention

Injured employees may decide to falsely inflate the severity of their injury, or claim inability to work for longer than necessary, if they feel their company does not have their back. Prevent insurance fraud by letting workers know there is a path back to work once they have recovered. Employees who feel valued are less likely to take advantage of the system.

The next time an employee asks “What is workers compensation insurance?” answer the question with all the facts. Educate employees to increase their trust in the company.