workers compensation virginia

Your Duties for Workers Compensation Compliance

Employers must provide workers compensation in Virginia if they have more than two employees. You may realize that you have to provide coverage to workers, even part-time staff or subcontractors, but do you understand the other responsibilities that employers have? Compliance is not complicated when you realize how simple it is for you to do your part for your employees.

Education is Essential

Workers compensation works best when all parties understand how coverage works. Employers should take time to explain to their workers the necessity of properly reporting injuries or accidents when they happen.

Maintain Records

Employers should keep accurate records of any work-related injuries in order to fulfill their role in workers compensation in Virginia. Proper record-keeping is essential for reviewing safety accounts.

Timely Reporting

If one of your employers is hurt while at work, you should report the injury as soon as possible to your insurance company. Think of it this way: your employee can get medical care and assistance in a timely fashion if you have done your part to get the ball rolling.

Posting Publically

One other responsibility of employers is displaying a notice of your compliance and participation in workers compensation in Virginia. Be sure to have it in an area where your employees can see it, and be accessible if they have any questions about how coverage works.

Remember that workers compensation can protect both employers and employees in the event of an injury on the job. If you have any additional questions about your role and responsibilities, contact your agent for clarification.