Risk Management

Creating a Risk Management Plan for a Concert

Every type of concert needs to have a comprehensive plan for controlling crowd size and effectively managing the areas where large volumes of attendees will congregate. Whether your concert will be indoors or outdoors and whether your performers are playing smooth jazz or heavy metal, crowd size safety has to be at the forefront of your planning process.

Follow Preestablished Guidelines for Your Venue

All venues with an existing operating license already have a predetermined maximum crowd capacity that must be strictly followed. You can’t oversell tickets to the event, and you need to have security protocols in place to ensure that un-ticketed attendees can’t enter the premises. Also, don’t include only concert-goers in your calculations; you can’t forget to include staff and vendors when you’re making your headcount.

Ensure that You Have Adequate Security

A well trained and adequately numbered security team is an integral element of a complete concert risk management plan. Security personnel need to be well-positioned to cover all entry and exit points. In addition, team members must have a strong presence in the areas that will be the most heavily occupied by attendees. Furthermore, they need to have a good communication system so that they update each other in real-time about where they’re positioned and what they’re observing.