insurance for California boats

Covering Your Boat With Insurance Protection

Enjoying the vast coastline of the Golden State is even more fun on your beloved boat. However, you never know when your perfect day can turn into a major headache. While California does not require boat insurance, it is safer to protect your boat with the right coverage. Here are just a few examples of insurance for California boats you can add to your monthly package.

Boat Damage Protection

While docked at bay or on open water, your boat may undergo accidents caused by other property or other boats. Your insurance can help you cover expense for this repair.

Liability Coverage

While enjoying your day at sea, you may accidentally cause damage to other boats or any person. There may be expensive medical bills to cover. Liability coverage helps you take care of these surprise expenses without having it take a hard hit on your wallet.

Uninsured Boat Coverage

Since California does not require insurance, you may encounter and have to deal with uninsured boat owners. If in the instance that this owner does not have insurance when causing damage to your property or passengers, uninsured boat coverage can also assist with expenses.

California’s huge coast has provided boat enthusiasts with a huge playground of fun. This also means that insurance for California boats is possible with the right insurance team. Look for your best coverage today and sail the seas worry-free.