MGA for Workers Comp

Concerns and Solutions for Injuries in Nursing

Nurses rank high on the list of some of the most oft-injured workers. The nursing industry is fraught with duties and situations that result in injuries, and those injuries can often be serious. From back injuries due to patient handling, to standard slip-and-falls, nursing is seen as a very hazardous profession. Despite the difficulty associated with their duties, nurses continue to show strong interest in a fulfilling career and constantly demonstrate their dedication to doing the most that they can for their own patients.

While state workers’ compensation laws can differ, nearly every employer is required to have some form of insurance to compensate employees who are injured on the job. Employers who don’t comply with workers’ comp laws can face fines, criminal prosecution, or civil liability. A Managing General Agency (MGA) can provide competitive commercial insurance products accompanied with quality compensation to retail insurance agents nationwide. Agencies look to an MGA for Workers Comp solutions.

Nursing case managers have a difficult task

In addition to putting injured employees at ease, case managers must educate cost-conscious employers while ensuring that patients are receiving proper treatment, while they also address regulatory requirements and claims-payer demands. In the current climate, claims complexity has made their jobs even more trying, but they have been given some relief by having more service providers involved in the claims management process.

Injured workers, in general, are sadly often scared and confused the first time they suffer a work-related injury, mostly because they don’t want to lose their jobs. Many also don’t understand workers’ comp and just how the system works.

Employers must win an injured worker’s trust with assurances that they’re an advocate and will follow through with any promises made, giving assurances that the injury will receive the proper treatment and that the injured party will, hopefully, return to work in short time. It’s all about building trust while learning how to teach an injured nurse or practitioner about measures for improving their health and addressing any medical complications that need immediate care.

The best way to win trust is to provide the needed coverage designed to address these exposures and a Workers Comp MGA is at the ready to provide a policy that can put everyone at ease.