New Mark insurance in Austin

Common Professional Liability Insurance Claims

When you get New Mark insurance in Austin to cover you for professional liability, you may wonder what types of claims it will cover. In general, this type of insurance is designed to protect you against claims of negligence. Depending on your occupation, negligence claims can vary greatly.


The claims that could be made against an attorney range from simple negligence to complex issues. Claims could be made due to a professional oversight or a conflict of interest, for example.

Real Estate Companies

Real estate claims are often based on performance issues or perceived performance issues. A professional may also have a claim due to contract issues. Discrimination and libel are also common claims made.

Insurance Agents

While it may seem odd that an insurance agent would need insurance to protect them professionally, things happen that make it essential to have coverage. Claims against insurance agents may include issues that occur due to an oversight or a client not liking a recommendation made.

It is fairly easy to see how even the best professional can end up in court being sued. This is why professional liability insurance is important. Every professional should at least check into getting NewMark insurance in Austin to help provide professional liability protection against anything that may come up.