Common Claims Against Hospice Care Facilities

No matter how much you care about your patients in a hospice care facility, accidents do happen. If someone claims that they were harmed due to your facility’s negligence, you are responsible for your defense costs and any settlement that the plaintiff is awarded. Professional liability insurance protects you in these instances.

Here are two common allegations that highlight the need for liability insurance.

Failure To Adhere to Standards

Your hospice has to abide by a certain standard of care. Generally, you would compare the standards of other hospices to see if you are on the same level. For example, if a patient falls and is injured, you could be sued for negligence if you did not have a protocol to prevent the fall.

Failure To Advocate for Patients

You are supposed to be your patient’s advocate. They rely on their caregivers to act in their best interests. In some cases, a family member may feel like you do not have their loved one’s best interest at heart and will file a claim.

Understand that if a patient or patient’s family files a claim against your facility, you have to pay the defense costs, regardless of whether the allegations are false. Without professional liability insurance for hospice care, the money comes straight from your facility.