dog bite insurance settlements

Why Canine Liability Insurance is a Viable Product

The world is full of people who love dogs and the types of products available to their owners are growing every day. Since most dog owners want the best for their furry family members, that makes it a challenge to know which products are worthwhile. One that can provide legitimate value and peace of mind is canine liability insurance. From individually quoted premiums based on your dog to dog bite insurance settlements that often have no deductible, the benefits of this type of policy can be numerous.

People who love dogs understand that they are animals and their instincts take over if they feel threatened or provoked. This can result in the most even-tempered of dogs biting another person unexpectedly. When this occurs, the liability is on the dog’s owner for medical expenses and other losses that the bite victim incurs. Canine liability insurance protects you from the potentially large financial responsibility you could face in this situation. For renters, this can be a crucial step in your dog being approved to live on the property. Your landlord can be named as an additional insured so that they are also covered in any dog bite insurance settlements that may occur. It’s a great way to protect yourself and your beloved pet and show the world what a responsible pet owner you are.