Backing Up Your Operations With Roadside Assistance

Vehicle operators and business owners alike know the value of having insurance as part of risk management. Life is full of uncertainties, and a major loss or damage that is unprotected can put you in dire straits financially. Responsible drivers carry auto insurance to cover risk associated with driving. Similarly, businesses buy insurance products to cover damages and claims associated with the various facets of their operations. A truck driver shoulders a major responsibility transporting cargo on the roads. Commercial truck insurance is a must-have, but is it all you need?

The Benefits of Commercial Truck Roadside Assistance

A breakdown of your truck on the road can be very costly both to the driver and the entities that depend on timely, completed deliveries. Purchasing truck roadside assistance helps minimize the interruption to your activities with the following benefits and more:

  • Towing
  • Jump starting
  • Winching/vehicle extrication
  • Tire services
  • Replacement key/lockout

Other Considerations

Time is money when it comes to commercial truck operations. Delays due to a flat tire, dead battery or other roadside problems can add up. A commercial truck roadside assistance backs up your operations with an affordable plan that helps cover everything from towing to mechanical repairs. Keep your truck moving and grooving with a roadside assistance plan today.