defense base act insurance

Are Your Employees Covered Overseas?

Are Your Employees Covered Overseas?

If your company does business overseas or maintains contracts with military installations or personnel, your insurance package might not stand up to the exposures of global demands. In particular, your current plan may not be as comprehensive as the defense base act insurance plans designed specifically for those working with public sector jobs.

Federal Requirements

The Defense Base Act is a federal law that requires civilian employees working outside of the United States for national defense or public works to have workers’ compensation protection. This coverage is no longer limited to work conducted on a military installation, but now includes a wide array of industries and activities that deal with the national security of the US, regardless of their connection to the military.

Defense base act insurance coverage is eligible in the following situations:

Any company employee working directly on a reservation or military base outside the United States
Any company employee working in a U.S. government-funded public works industry out of the country.
Employees engaged in military contracts or public works vital to U.S. national security with a foreign government
Employees paid by U.S. government funds for providing services beyond regular military issue or channels
Subcontractors of the prime and their employees for issues dealing with these four scenarios

Check with your broker to find out more about defense base act insurance policies.