dog bite liability insurance

Appropriate Insurance for Pit Bull Owners

Pit bulls are largely misunderstood, and many people view them as violent and destructive. As a pit bull owner, you know that in most cases this is far from the truth. While these animals are extraordinarily loyal, their reputation does need to be given consideration. As an owner of this breed, you are often susceptible to instances of liability, and even the nicest dogs can cause unintentional injury. Therefore, it is essential that you be covered with the appropriate dog bite liability insurance.

Traditional Policies

Typically, homeowner or rental policies cover property damage or incidents of injury due to pets. However, many plans come with holes, and most of these types of policies lack coverage for perceived violent breeds, including dogs in the pit bull and Rottweiler families. As such, if you own these types of animals, you want to make sure that you fully understand your policy and have the coverage you need.

Dog Specific Coverage

If you own a classified violent breed, companies that focus on dog bite liability insurance often provide the best benefits. These policies are specifically designed to cover pet related incidents of damage and injury and are specifically crafted with commonly risky breeds in mind. With this coverage, you know that your dog will not be excluded and that you will have the means to address any incident that may arise.

Pit bulls can be loving dogs, but they are also known as potentially violent creatures. This perception makes them more susceptible to lawsuits, and dog bite liability insurance can help protect you from these misconceptions.