classic car insurance in NJ

All Collectors Need Classic Car Insurance

If you own a classic or collectible car, you probably keep it under lock and key. In the colder months, it stays protected, until summer comes along and you’re able to take it out for a spin, safely. Car collectors are not just owners of classic cars, but they are people who have an emotional tie to their vehicles. These are treasured automobiles and deserve to special treatment.

Regular Automobile Insurance Isn’t Enough

While car insurance covers a lot, it doesn’t quite cover the same thing that classic car insurance in NJ does. There are a few different aspects of owning a classic car that isn’t going to come up when it comes to regular vehicle insurance. For instance, here are some differences:

  • Classic cars appreciate in value
  • Classic cars are show cars in parades and shows
  • Classic cars may be driven by other people
  • Classic cars may need different breakdown coverage
  • Classic cars are driven less often

The costs involved with owning a classic or collectible car is a lot different from owning a car used solely for transportation. These are expensive, collectable automobiles and you need to have the right kind of insurance. Using an agency that can work with you and give you customizable options for your classic car is important.