auto dealerships workers compensation

Why Agents Should Choose Niche Wholesalers

Consider niche wholesalers if you want to offer comprehensive auto dealerships workers compensation programs. Regional and local insurance companies tend to offer benefits unmatched elsewhere. Not only that, but there are several unique risks and risk rates associated with auto-related industries.

A Focus on Quality

Your first priority is probably package quality. Should one of your clients have to file a claim, you want their loss to be covered in a reasonable fashion. As a commercial insurance agent, you are able to offer more specific coverage when you go with programs designed solely for auto dealerships workers compensation, repair shop workers comp or other similar products. You get happier clients when claims go through as expected, and that translates to more enthusiastic referrals and a growing agency.

Neighborhood Feel

After package quality, you should definitely look for a wholesaler with reliable customer service. Most niche or regional companies know their territory inside and out. That means they’re able to relate the attitudes and meet the needs of your clients. It’s the next best thing to having an insurance wholesaler as a next-door neighbor.

Large companies are efficient and they offer great incentives. You will probably find the same is true of smaller auto dealerships workers compensation wholesalers. The major differences are the range of products they offer and their level of local expertise