accounting for insurance

Accounting for Insurance – Choosing the Right Carrier for You

Whether you work privately or in an accounting firm with other CPA’s, an important part of continuing business success is accounting for insurance needs. Finding the right agent will help ensure you get your money’s worth from their services.

Agent Interview

Meeting with a potential agent is essentially an interview to see if they are a good fit for your business. Here are a few things to look for:

  • Do you feel comfortable talking to them?
  • Do they really listen to what you want and need from them?
  • Are they open to an honest exchange of views?
  • Are their personal values in sync with yours?

Accounting for insurance means telling them everything they need to know about your business so they will be able to provide the most accurate and effective insurance recommendations for your specific needs.

Client Interview

Remember that while you are interviewing them, they will be interviewing you, as well. They are conducting a fact finding mission to help them analyze your insurance needs so they can recommend the best products to assist you in achieving your objectives.

When accounting for insurance, you and your agent must be able to work as a team to ensure you receive the best coverage over the life of your business.