A Short Guide To Insurance For Inspectors

If you work as an inspector or a testing professional, it is vital that you have all the necessary safeguards in place in case you run into unexpected problems. Part of safeguarding your business and financial security is having good insurance coverage. Luckily, insurance for inspection services is available and can provide the protection you need.

What Is Inspector Insurance?

Inspector insurance is a category of insurance coverage that is designed to protect inspectors and testing professionals from commonly run into financial damages. It can cover things like legal costs, medical bills, and property repair or replacement in the event you run into a liability issue. 

What Types of Coverage Can You Get With Inspector Insurance?

Most inspectors and testing professionals only need one type of coverage, professional liability insurance, to protect against liability issues. However, you can obtain other types of coverage if you need them, such as workers’ compensation if you have employees and commercial auto insurance if you have any vehicles you use for business purposes. You can even obtain general liability insurance if you want even more comprehensive liability coverage on top of your professional liability insurance.

Working as an inspector or testing professional can be a great career choice but it is not without risks. Inspector insurance can help everything run far more smoothly and keep you out of serious financial trouble.