Valet Parking

6 Tips for Organizing Valet Parking

Valet parking provides an exclusive perk for your party guests. Follow these guidelines to organize valet parking and ensure a memorable evening for attendees.

Plan Ahead

Calculate how many guests will attend and determine the number of attendants necessary.

Assess Available Space

Verify there are areas nearby to hold all your guests’ vehicles. If the event is at your house, look for space on nearby streets.

Require Professional Attire

Have the attendants wear clean, professional uniforms. The formality of the attire should fit the tone or theme of your event.

Decide Tipping Procedures in Advance

Determine how to handle tips. Valets can keep their tips or divide them equally. You can also choose to pay more per hour and instruct attendants to decline gratuities.

Provide Clear Information

Give details about parking in the invitation. Set up signs stating where the service is available. Have a podium to use for a smoothly run operation. Make sure there is a place to store keys while guests are inside.

Minimize Risk Factors

Sometimes minor accidents happen with a parking service. Have a proper procedure for receiving the cars, and identify visible damage to the guest upon arrival to avoid misunderstandings. Obtain comprehensive insurance coverage from a professional with knowledge of this industry.

Organize valet parking for your event, providing both convenience and elegance for your guests.