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5 Types of Insurance Everyone Should Have

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with so many different insurance products on the market. What do you really need? Aside from health insurance, CT insurance companies usually recommend you add these five types of insurance to your portfolio.

In order to protect your properties and assets from damage and theft, you have to have a good homeowner’s insurance. It also provides personal liability coverage for damage or injuries to others. When selecting a coverage amount, be sure to take all your possessions, the structure of your house and any unique threats to your property, such as earthquakes or tornadoes, into account. If you live in the city and rent an apartment or house, you should get renter’s insurance. Chances are you own a car to get you from A to B. If that’s the case, get car insurance so that you can have liability and personal injury protection. If you desire, you can add collision and comprehensive coverage to cover damage and accidents. Insurance agents highly recommended to also choose uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage. Life insurance is becoming more and more popular and for some very good reasons. Opting for term life insurance allows you to protect the well-being of your family in case you pass away. Long-term disability insurance ensures that you receive income and can pay your bills should you not be able to work anymore due to disability or illness.

Now you know the types of insurance CT insurance companies typically recommend. No one can look into the future and being adequately protected is very important.