5 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Graveyards

Whether you get the creeps or a sense of peace and contemplation there, visiting a graveyard is seldom a neutral experience. Despite their near universality as a final destination for most people’s earthly remains, there are five interesting facts that few people know.

Stone Direction Matters

Throughout the world, many cemeteries are oriented with gravestones facing east. In addition, husbands are often buried on the south side of the grave, while wives are on the north side.

Stone Shape Matters

The shape can tell you about the status of a person. For example, the use of an obelisk usually denotes status or patriotism while a stone carved into a lamb often indicates a child is interred there.

Grounds Can Be Polluted

Modern burial methods can result in cemetery pollution. From the varnish used in coffins to the formaldehyde used in embalming, the ground below can become quite contaminated requiring mitigation.

Tourists Visit

While loved ones are most likely to visit their deceased relatives’ graves, many cemeteries have become tourist attractions. Some pay their respects to their favorite dead movie stars while other graveyards bring history buffs.

Robbers Were a Problem

Grave robbing has been an issue throughout history. As ghastly as it sounds, many criminals looted graves for valuables, jewelry and even for the body itself.

Cemeteries can be spooky to some people, but curious souls can delight in the secrets hidden within the rows of upright stones.