5 Cybersecurity Training Topics for All Employees

In 2020, cybersecurity threats grew to unprecedented levels, with malware and ransomware increasing three- and four-fold respectively as per research by RiskIQ. Fighting these attacks and safeguarding from others cost companies $2.9 million per minute and with the average individual attack costing companies about $3.86 million. The number and complexity of these attacks is likely to increase as hackers use constantly advancing software and more creative scams to steal data from both companies and individuals.

The Importance of Training for Maintaining Cybersecurity

While there are complex ways to safeguard data, the average employee will not have time or the knowledge to create a firewall or identify malware in code. However, that does not mean that cybersecurity is only for the information technology department.

Offering cybersecurity training for employees is critical to keeping the workplace and employees safe from cybercriminals. The following five actions are simple enough to train all employees to implement into their routines and could save a company millions of dollars:

  1. Protect data and understand what sensitive data is
  2. Report any suspicious emails or software to IT
  3. Avoid public Wi-Fi and use trusted networks
  4. Identify phishing scams, untrusted emails and attachments
  5. Create a unique password for each login

While they may not stop every cyberattack, the above actions are an additional barrier between company data and a cyberattacker and should regularly be training topics.