Rideshare Accidents

: 5 Common Reasons for Taxi or Rideshare Accidents

Taxi accidents are, unfortunately, a common occurrence. Companies that employ or contract taxi or rideshare drivers need insurance coverage specific to commercial driving.

Most taxi or rideshare accidents stem from a few common causes. Your business can take steps to reduce risk by proactively addressing these issues.

Distracted Driving

Talking or texting on a cellphone is dangerous, but many drivers do it, leading to collisions. Other causes of distracted driving include talking to passengers, typing into a GPS, or eating and drinking.

Traffic Violations and Speeding

Rideshare drivers do not need to pass any traffic law tests. Taxi drivers spend long periods on the road and sometimes start ignoring traffic laws. Taxi accidents can result from these violations.

Inexperienced Drivers

Commercial drivers spend large amounts of time behind the wheel and often have specific training. However, Lyft and Uber drivers do not have official driver training and are sometimes inexperienced drivers.

Intoxication or Drowsy Driving

Driving skills are impaired when a driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. There is a significant crash risk under these circumstances. A driver’s abilities are compromised in the same way when driving while very tired.


If taxis and rideshare vehicles are not adequately maintained, brake failure, steering malfunctions, or tire blowouts can cause crashes.

Taxi accidents can cause property damage or injury to passengers, drivers, or pedestrians. Obtaining insurance from a company with expertise in the commercial transportation industry will help protect your business.