renters insurance in Palm Beach

3 Unusual Things Covered by Renters Insurance

Most people are aware that renters insurance protects your personal possessions. What you may not realize are all the situations this type of insurance will cover. Especially in more populated areas with a significant number or tourists like Palm Beach, having renters insurance can save you in many different scenarios.

1. Lawsuits for Property Damage or Personal Injury of Others

There is always a chance that someone could be injured in your home and sue you for negligence. In this instance, and in the event that you or your family accidentally damage someone else or their property, renters insurance in Palm Beach can protect you from lawsuits.

2. Legal Representation and Awarded Damages

If you get involved in a lawsuit, the expenses involved with hiring a lawyer and potentially paying the damages awarded to the other party can be astronomical. While there is a limit to the amount your renters insurance will pay, they will typically cover at least a portion of these fees.

3. Medical Payments

In the event someone is injured on your property, your renters insurance can help you avoid a lawsuit by allowing the injured party to submit their medical bills directly to the insurance company for reimbursement.

Renters insurance in Palm Beach is something every renter should have. The variety of things that it covers in addition to the low cost of these policies makes this type of insurance a wise investment.