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3 Types of Commercial Trucks That Need Insurance

A truck fleet is essential if your business involves transportation. No matter what cargo or material is moved, the use of these vehicles includes numerous risks. A personalized insurance plan can cover any exposure, especially if you operate the following commercial trucks.

Tow Trucks

Your towing service is incredibly important, as it helps people with broken down vehicles take them to repair. Insurance can protect you from multiple risk factors, including damage to the client’s vehicle during transportation and storage, as well as any potential incident involving another party.


These vehicles can help you and other businesses haul all sorts of goods, including food, machinery parts and much more. Several coverage plans can cover the valuable cargo, potential mechanical problems and other hazards associated with these complex vehicles.

Tank Trucks

Also known as tankers, these trucks allow you to take various useful but dangerous substances to their destinations. Gain Insurance points out that hazardous material and fuel tanker insurance is not only recommended but also required by law depending on the content or the state. Stay compliant by using the right coverage.

Truck transportation can be a vital part of your company, but it also has many dangers. Obtaining the right insurance plan that meets your specific business needs will aid you in reducing these risks.