3 Tips for Boating Safely With a Baby Onboard

As a parent, it’s understandable to be nervous about bringing a baby onboard your boat. For enjoyable, and safe, recreational boating, here are a few tips to keep in mind when considering, “Can babies go on boats?”

1. Complete a Pre-Departure Checklist

Before bringing a baby, or any passengers, aboard, run through a safety check. Everyone should have the proper life jacket, including a special “heads up” infant life jacket. Make sure the radio is working and distress signals are available. Check the weather report before launching. Recharge the battery or consider carrying a backup.

2. Board Safely With an Infant

Getting in and out of a vessel can be precarious, depending on conditions and the experience of the passenger. Proper footwear is important as the deck can be slippery. One way to safely board with a baby is to hold the child securely while stepping on the boat while another passenger stands by for assistance. 

3. Designate a Passenger To Hold the Baby While In Motion

An infant should not be left in a carrier or other device while boating. It is safest to hold the baby while moving and also pay attention to not exposing the child to the elements. 

Can babies go on boats? Yes. By following key safety measures, you can look forward to a day on the water.