Insurance Financial Services (IFS)

3 Things Your Insurance Agent is Dying to Tell You

In these times when online shopping and convenience stores seem to dominate commerce, people can tend to forget the value of personal service. Insurance is an area that is vulnerable to this type of shopping based on lowest price only. Insurance Financial Services (IFS), a full-service insurance agency located in Delaware, still has agents that can play a vital role in guarding your assets. Here are three things your agent would probably like for you to know.

1. Saving Some Money Now Can Cost You a Lot More Down the Road

You might be surprised to learn that people drop certain coverages to save a few dollars. Your agent’s job is to make sure you have the right protection. You will most likely be glad you do when an unforeseen disaster strikes.

2. Get an Annual Policy Review

Your situation changes from year to year. Letting your agent help you decide the level of coverage you need in each area of your life can be a real help. This is one of the key advantages of working with a professional. Most companies, like IFS, will gladly help you evaluate your situation.

3. Sometimes Less is More

A good company wants you to think of your agent as a trusted advisor, not a pushy salesperson.

Your agent’s primary goal should be to get you to the right coverage level. Based on your unique situation, this can include increasing coverage when you need to, and dropping policies that no longer benefit you.