Cannabis Growth

3 Surprising Tips for Better Cannabis Growth

Whether you’re a new grower or a seasoned professional, keeping up with the best methods for managing your cannabis crops is essential to achieving long-term success. Some tips, however, may come as a surprise, as they seem to contradict more popular, instinctive methods.

1. Provide Less Light 

One of the easiest ways to boost cannabis growth is to reduce the amount of light your crops receive when they first begin to bud or when they need help getting started. Light deprivation tricks the plants into believing it is a cooler, darker season, encouraging them to flower early.

2. Water Less Often 

Similar to light deprivation, a reduced watering schedule can increase the potency of the plants you produce. An imposed drought encourages the plants to wither slightly and cling to the little water they do receive, and the result is higher-concentrated THC.

3. Use Less Fertilizer 

Many plants, cannabis included, can thrive without the use of fertilizers or other growing aids. Providing too many nutrients can shock the plant and prevent it from producing a sufficient and effective amount of THC.

Though they may seem counterintuitive, these tips can overhaul your cannabis growth plans by inducing quicker growth and more potent buds, benefiting not only you but also your consumers.