Liability Insurance

3 Nonprofits That Need Liability Insurance

Even though most nonprofit organizations exist to do good, they are not immune from making mistakes. Just like for-profit businesses, they need to take precautions in case the unexpected happens. Here are ways four types of organizations benefit from nonprofit liability insurance.


One of the most helpful aspects of hospice care is that volunteers come to patients wherever they are, be it at home or in a hospital. By providing excess auto liability insurance, the organization is covered if a volunteer injures someone in a car accident.

Youth Organizations

Not only do volunteers of organizations such as Girl Scouts drive to and from various locations, but they also take children on multiday trips. They require insurance to cover personal injuries and also to pay for legal defense in case a volunteer is accused of abuse.

Animal Shelters

Local organizations that rescue and foster animals face all the same risks as any other nonprofit, with the added variable of having unpredictable animals on site. Volunteers risk bites and diseases, and also the liability that comes with recommending pets to members of the general public.

Nonprofit liability insurance protects these three organizations from the possibility of a single lawsuit consuming their much-needed donations. Talk to your insurance agent about how it could help your nonprofit, too.