Paper distributors Insurance

3 Key Benefits of Workers’ Compensation Insurance

The state of New York requires businesses to carry workers’ compensation insurance on the off chance that employees suffer injuries while on the job. If you own and operate a paper distribution company, your business falls under this mandate. Here are three ways that paper distributors insurance protects you and your employees.

1. Employee Medical Care

When employees are injured at the workplace and require immediate medical care, your insurance policy provides funds to support emergency transportation, physician fees, diagnoses and all subsequent treatment including long-term physical therapy.

2. Legal Fees and Claims

If injured employees file a claim against your business, your paper distributors insurance covers all legal fees and court costs. Insurance also provides compensation for lost wages and return-to-work programs for injured employees as well as grievance pay for family members or dependents for fatal accidents.

3. Financial Protection

Though employee safety is a priority for your business, injuries and death can be quite costly. Insurance protects your assets so that you do not suffer financial hardship for workplace injuries.

Call your provider to inquire about your paper distributors insurance plan. Discuss the specifics of your coverage and weigh your deductible against your monthly premiums. Make sure you have the protection you need at a price you can afford.