Why Your Business Needs a Return-to-Work Program

Why Your Business Needs a Return-to-Work Program

Every year, millions of Americans are unable to work due to a workplace injury. If one of your employees joins this group, you may be thankful for your VA workers comp insurance, which can cover your business’ losses. However, the longer that workers comp claim stays open, the more it may cost you. That’s where a return-to-work program can help.

With a return-to-work program, you allow your employees to come back to the business while they recover with light duty. For example, an employee who normally does manual labor may help with desk work. This program can help your workers stay productive and receive full salaries even as they heal. However, this program does not just benefit the employees.

Just implementing a return-to-work program can reduce your VA workers comp insurance premiums before an accident happens. If someone does get hurt at your company, this program can help you anticipate the cost of the claim. After all, the longer a claim stays open, the more it may cost you.

Furthermore, if you get your experienced and productive employees back on track, you can save the substantial cost of hiring and training someone else to do that job. Overall, a return-to-work program can help improve the lives of your employees after an injury and keep your finances in line.

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