Hartford Insurance in Connecticut Can Insure Some Off-the-Wall Items

Everyone is familiar with the basic types of insurance. Life, auto and home are fairly standard, but there are plenty of other items you can get insured. If you have some valuable items in your possession, see if you can get Hartford insurance in Connecticut for it.

Classic Cars

Are you a collector of vintage, collectible cars? If you are, then you absolutely need to get them insured. You never know when something is going to happen when you take one of them out for a spin. Something could even happen while it is parked in your garage. Standard auto insurance generally will not cover more valuable vehicles, so ask your agent if they cover vintage automobiles.

Art and Jewelry

Valuable artwork and jewelry should also be insured. Even in your home, natural disasters or vandalism can occur, and you want to be protected. As part of the process, the insurance company should provide you with a certified appraiser that can ascertain the true value of the item. In addition to having coverage in case something happens, you will also be provided with valuable advice on how to properly store your art so that it remains unaffected by the elements.

The general rule to go by is that if it is valuable, then it can be insured. See what Hartford insurance in Connecticut you can get for your belongings.

Don’t Rely on Your Carrier for Coverage

Most people have had the experience of an item getting lost or damaged in domestic, continental transactions. Adding long distances and international borders into the mix, and you get an even more complex set of circumstances. Nowadays, you can’t have anything brought into the United States without import bond insurance, and that’s a good thing for importers.

“Embedded” Coverage via Your Bill of Lading

Chances are, you’d be surprised at how little you would receive in exchange for an unsuccessful international delivery by relying on the terms outlined in a bill of lading. In some cases, transporters release all liability; in others, the maximum compensation they offer would be a fraction of the cost you paid for the goods.

How Import Bond Insurance Benefits Your Business

Economies are complex and dynamic and therefore difficult to predict. Say you’ve brought items in and they don’t sell well for whatever reason. New inventory comes into the country and customers are now buying those goods. You find a buyer overseas, and so you decide to go ahead and export the products. A drawback claim has the power to refund the duty fees you originally paid.

Moving items across oceans or skies can be a lucrative business, but only if the risks are carefully managed. Keep your company not just afloat but profitable by choosing the right insurance policy for your needs.

Insurance for the Home Healthcare Industry

The home healthcare industry is booming. It’s a great time to be in the business of providing home healthcare to the aging generation of Baby Boomers who want to stay in their own home to manage chronic conditions. With the changing times, it’s important that your business stay on top of its insurance plans. As you add more staff, patients and services, your agency has to make sure the insurance coverage you have matches what you do.

Home healthcare agencies face unique risks when it comes to business. Patients are already vulnerable to infections and illness. Mistakes happen when staff have a heavy caseload. Computers can be hacked to gain patient information. Your insurance is not just to protect your business after an incident happens, but it’s part of your risk management plan. Work with your insurance agency to provide education and tools to your staff and directors to avoid complications and losses before they happen.

When you need specialty home healthcare industry insurance, find an insurance company that has the background in the industry to ensure you have the right coverage. By keeping up-to-date with regulations in healthcare and the changing needs of your business, you and your directors can sleep at night with peace of mind because you’ve responded to the risks you face.

3 Things to Look for When Selecting Restaurant Insurance

Choosing insurance for your insurance seems simple, but it’s a duty that should never be taken lightly. Your coverage keeps you protected from a wide variety of threats, from accidental injury on the job to food poisoning and beyond. However, there are many companies offering your business these services, and not all of them are looking out for your best interests. There are certain qualities, however, that can help you choose the good underwriters:

  • Find a company that knows the business extensively. Only those that understand the threats you face can adequately cover you from them entirely.
  • Thorough coverage is a must. Look for the underwriters that offer coverage options which other companies tend to overlook. This indicates that they’re really watching your back and that they know how to do it well.
  • Go for the option that has an excellent and proven loss prevention program. Nothing takes money out of your pocket faster than theft, and your insurance agency should have and be able to implement a plan on keeping you safe.

If you find a business that offers each of these qualities, it may just be the time to invest in restaurant insurance. Speaking with a professional can help you uncover the details of the business in question and decide on what policy is right for your business.

Why You Need an Insurance Email Marketing Strategy

You want to develop an email strategy for your insurance company, but you don’t want your marketing investment to end up in myriad spam folders. Insurance email is still highly effective way of reaching potential customers, but it requires expert application of marketing methods. Many people find it is beneficial to outsource email marketing to companies with proven success at generating insurance sales.

The Secret to Email Success

The secret to success in any insurance email marketing campaign is to have the right email addresses. It can take a substantial amount of time and effort to generate a database of contact names and email addresses. In addition, it is essential to pay attention to every aspect of sending emails. Email marketers know how to create subject lines that make it more likely that recipients will open an email and can generate engaging email content that encourages readers to take action. Email recipients do not often react immediately to emails they receive, so the follow-up aspect to an email campaign is essential.

Find the Email Experts

Look for insurance email experts that can help you convert a database into increased sales. Using the services of a marketing company can save you time and resources and lets you concentrate on expanding your business. Compare insurance marketing companies to choose the one that is right for your business.

How to Find Exceptional CT Insurance Companies

Insurance is a necessity. It is so important that you do not want to simply go with the first company you find in the Yellow Pages. Here are a few ways to find several CT insurance companies that look good, so you end up picking the best one for your needs.

Friends and Family

Whether you are getting insurance for the first time or are thinking about switching policies, ask friends, coworkers and family members what they have. If they give you a glowing review of their agent, then that is a good sign. However, they may also tell you about a horror story they had with a particular company, so this method can also be good for eliminating certain companies from consideration.

State Website

It is preferable to go with an agent who lives in the same city as you. This makes it more likely that he or she will offer you more personalized attention, and it will be easier to get a hold of your agent if they live nearby. Look online for what insurance companies are out there in Connecticut.

You should schedule a meeting with an agent you are considering to make sure he or she is a good fit for what you need. It is a good idea to find a few CT insurance companies so that you have some options.

Who Needs Tavern Insurance?

Being in the hospitality business affords business owners a unique opportunity to provide patrons with an environment completely dedicated to relaxation. Between live music, drinks, food and fun, it’s obvious that bars, taverns and other entertainment venues have cemented themselves as the popular choice for building community and relationships or catching up with friends. However, if you own a business that is often frequented by customers looking to relax and have a good time, you need to ensure you have an insurance policy that protects you from various liability claims.

Insurance Incentive

It’s not just bars and taverns that need tavern insurance. Any venue that offers food or beverages to customers, especially alcoholic ones, needs to have a comprehensive insurance policy. While relaxation is priority, accidents can and do happen. Here are some of the venues that may be covered:

  • Nightclubs
  • Adult Nightclubs
  • Live Music Venues
  • Lounges
  • Pubs and Taverns
  • Sports Bars
  • Jazz Clubs
  • Comedy Clubs
  • Restaurants

Ensure You’re Insured

Having a comprehensive tavern insurance policy protects you from liability claims related to food and beverage consumption, alcohol-related incidents, physical injury related to accident or assault, and other potential claims. Finding a company that specializes in hospitality-related coverage and initial risk-mitigation procedure is a wise business choice to make so both you and your customers are protected.

3 Types of Car Insurance You Should Invest In

When you’re behind the wheel of your car or truck, it’s good to know that you’re financially safe from the many threats you could potentially meet between destinations. However, in an attempt to find the cheapest possible car insurance in CT, many people have overlooked several coverage options that could benefit them more than they know. There are some coverage options which anyone who’s serious about protecting their cash from road-bound threats should consider before making a commitment to any company.

1. Uninsured or Underinsure Motorist Coverage

Insurance is designed so that the driver who caused the accident is supposed to pay the greater amount for repairs and other necessities. However, if the offending driver is uninsured or doesn’t have a policy that covers the situation, you could be in trouble. This type of coverage offers you a back-up plan if this situation happens to arise.

2. Medical Payments Coverage

Even with regular insurance assistance, the aftermath of an accident is never easy. This type of coverage offers you extra assistance for any medical bills you might acquire as a result of the accident in question.

3. Comprehensive Coverage

This is the coverage that protects drivers off the road as well as on. This handles issues such as theft, fire damage or damages resulting from extreme weather.

Each of these coverage options offers new benefits that work to keep you safe on the road. When shopping for car insurance in CT, take the time to ask your provider of choice about these options.

Top Omissions Claims Against Insurance Agents

One day you’re successfully selling insurance policies, and the next you could be faced with a court summons for a claimed omission. No matter the outcome of the suit, you will still be left with a potentially hefty cost unless you are covered by omissions insurance for insurance agents. Here are the two top omissions claims filed against insurance agents.

1. Failure to Explain Policy Provisions

For most people, miscommunication is an annoying part of everyday life. For an insurance agent, miscommunication could lead to a lawsuit. When a client does not think they have been given enough information about policy provisions, they are more likely to sue. In addition to ensuring that your marketing materials are constantly updated to represent all policy provisions, you can also do much to protect yourself by purchasing omissions insurance for insurance agents.

2. Failure to Obtain Coverage

One of the most common reason insurance agents are summoned to appear in court is because they failed to obtain coverage for their client. This is a serious error that should be avoided at all costs. However, mistakes do happen, and if this one happens to you, omissions insurance coverage can help by absorbing some of your legal costs.

No one wants to consider the possibility that they will one day be sued, but if you are an insurance agent the possibility is real and should be protected against. Safeguard your business and yourself by purchasing omissions insurance for insurance agents.

The Best Pennsylvania Workmans’ Comp Programs for Large Accounts

Insurance agents and brokers nationwide know that keeping on top of the workers’ compensation market can be nothing short of a full-time job. With so many fluctuating factors such as government reforms and underwriting guidelines, sometimes agents need a little help to best service the demands of their large accounts with the right programs. Luckily, there are quality Pennsylvania workmans’ comp wholesalers standing by to help keep your clients satisfied.

Solutions for Large Accounts

Large business accounts in your insurance portfolio often need extra care when ensuring they are situated in the right programs. It’s essential that the Pennsylvania workman’s comp solution you offer them makes sense for their size and overall business needs. For example, a guaranteed cost plan is a great option for businesses that prefer having a premium that will not fluctuate regardless of any claims made. Large-deductible plans are also a smart choice for accounts with the financial ability to assume a portion of the insurance responsibility.

Looking Forward

When effectively servicing the workers’ compensation needs of your portfolio’s large accounts, the best solution is to establish a long-term relationship with the right wholesaler to help you meet their expectations. Pennsylvania workman’s comp wholesalers are more than happy to provide you with the expertise and competitive edge you need to keep your book of business growing.